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I am a Professional Digital Marketer & SEO Expert, Hossain Sarker.

If you want to change your life, you can Become a Digital Marketer. Success needs hard work and proper commitment.

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Hello, I am Hossain Sarker, working in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Marketer, Search Arbitrage, Web designer, and Co-Founder of Digi Marketize in Bangladesh. I started work in 2016 with my friend Syed Alve Ahad and another friend, Saidur Rahman, who both work. I am an expert in native ads and working for Global Ads recharges or Ads publishers in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok ads, Revcontent Ads, Taboola, and other Global companies.

I have successfully driven millions of visitors to my website from Google, Yahoo, Social media, and Media buying. I love my work, and I will try to do more interesting, Recharging, competition, and anything. This is my main goal.

My Slogan. Firstly, focus on your work and can’t stop your hard work. Then, success will come to your door and knock anytime. You will be surprised because that is his feature. You can’t believe that success comes too late.


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Hossain Sarker is amazing! He really knows his stuff and helped our project a lot. He is fantastic, detailed, and a great problem solver. Working with him was a breeze, and the results were excellent. I positively suggest Hossain – a true pro!

John Mina


Hossain Sarker’s SEO Optimization magic is fantastic! Our website visitors have significant growth—more people, more clicks. He knows his property, and working with him was easy and fantastic. If you want better SEO, Hossain is your guy!

Aston Dark

Web Developer

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